Issues with new playlists

#1 Posted by davidinwrofy (71 posts) -

Is anyone else having trouble getting into a game in the new playlists (post-Fenix Rising DLC) especially those that require the new Fenix Rising DLC? I have the add-on, but I keep getting told to alter my network settings by pressing BACK to ensure they enable Xbox Live play. Hopefully, this is a launch day issue or a teething problem that will be ironed-out soon. I was able to get into Team Deathmatch eventually.

#2 Posted by Moody_yeti (369 posts) -

@davidinwrofy: Yes,And i dont no if its just me but it seems the MP servers are down as im getting hell of lag in normal TDM games.

#3 Posted by davidinwrofy (71 posts) -

@Jaded_Racoon: Indeed. It's taking longer to join games and I frequently receive the "Disconnected from Host" message. It's not quite as bad as Gears 2, but something is very wrong here. I want my silky smooth multiplayer experience back!

#4 Posted by JTB123 (1050 posts) -

Been the same since the DLC went up, happening to everyone I think. Hopefully they will sort it out soon, because I'd like to be able to use the maps.

#5 Posted by davidinwrofy (71 posts) -

@JTB123: Yessir! Any news from Epic on this yet? They don't seem to have handled this DLC very well. I have yet to play any of the new maps on Team Deathmatch. And I don't want to have to play that werid Hammerburst/Snub playlist to use them!

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