No More Events?

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So, even though I still think the mp is wildly unbalanced at times I still enjoy playing horde and a little bit of versus here and there. My goal was to get the events trophy/medal but apparently it is impossible to get now? I have tried for at least 2 months, every weekend, to play whatever addition to the playlist was added and then you'd get a notch in your event count. Well, I guess that isn't the case any longer? I have been stuck at 24/30 for what feels like months now and thats even playing the weekend playlist. Does anyone know if this is bugged or something or if its just impossible to get now? I didn't really see any worthwhile information on Epic's site.

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@Sammo21: Yeah pretty sure it is broken. Stopped trying several months ago to get the event medal since it never worked and I was 3 away too.

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I don't think its broken, there's a finite number of events which just rotate. If you've got a notch for a specific event then playing it in the next rotation wont get you another.

When they post details of the next event on the epic website they mention the date when it was last on.

Pretty frustrating if you've done most and then had a break from gears. No way of knowing which you've missed.

I'm pretty sure I've seen the list of events, somewhere.

Good luck!

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