Looking for a Gone Home Let's Play

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I am looking for a Gone Home let's play. I would prefer one that is funny but I will take recommendations of let's players that you enjoy.

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This is the one I watched, she was fine. It's not exactly hard to find others out there though, just Google search em.

Gone Home Lets Play

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I think there's a LP .gif out there. The game is 46 seconds long so it's possible.

Here's one under 2 minutes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5g3trvkAFQw

"I have Gone Home, and I have gone home, but I am not home" Actual quote from PC Gamer.

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@cleron: That is the one I found. I did search, I just thought I would ask in case anyone had a recommendation that they thought was especially funny/insightful/ect.


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