Somehow stuck.

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I have no idea what I am missing and have been to every area of the game open. Meaning the two locked doors on the bottom floor and the attic I can not go to. I checked every tiny detail on my way through the house. Did I miss something obvious or does this game expect some serious bizarre old school adventure game logic problem solving? In which case, forget this game.

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You need to pay attention to detail in Gone Home and look in and around everything. Open drawers, read notes, look under stuff, that sort of thing.

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I did. With everything. I don't have the patience in me to re scan the entire house.

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...erm, if you must, you can start the game with all the doors open...

I hear that ruins it though. I'd rather give up than ruin the game for myself.

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There is a hidden switch in your bedroom.

Thanks I will check that out. I think my issue stems from me not expecting me to have to keep track of things like hidden switches. I expected as long as I checked every drawer and such I would get all the items and progress thusly. I still think it is weird to have secret switches in the game with no warning, but maybe I am not as observent as I thought.

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There is no hidden switch in your room. At least not that I can remember and I just completed the game! To give you a helping hand..the order in which you open the locked doors is the downstairs foyer on the right hand side and then the attic last. There are hidden compartments throughout the house which you should pay close attention to on the map when you discover them!

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I feel like you need to find the basement key

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I just had to press the switch in my closet. I totally missed it as I don't tend to look up. Really dug the game.

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