The Missing Bell *Possible Spoilers*

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Is there anything to the bells in the game or the missing one?

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What exactly are you referring to?

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@mogarth: Don't. Steve Gaynor (the writer and designer) said it isn't in the game. He gives no explanation as to why it's missing, just that it probably fell of long ago, and got thrown away.

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Maybe I didn't find the note about them or maybe I'm just ignorant of mansion culture, but what were these for in the first place?

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@gaminghooligan: Summoning servants most likely.

There would be a cord in each room attached to these bells, and when one of them ring the servants would go to that room. The bells had probably been removed from upstairs in subsequent renovations, although I couldve missed them if they were there.

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@gaminghooligan: The room that they are in is the servants quarters. They are used to call the servant to a specific part of the mansion. A lever/pulley is pulled in a room, and the bell for that room rings through a complex maze of strings. That is also why there are secret passages and rooms, so a servant can move through the mansion without being seen.

Damn, @eskimo beat me to it.

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OBVIOUSLY Comstock stole it, cloned the bell and used it for the bells at the beginning of BioShock Infinite.

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