Should America Keep It's Two Party System?

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Sup fools (and Nation),

I was at a diner earlier with some friends and we having have some delicious North East burgers as we were watching some baseball on the TV screen.  While we were doing this, we saw a fat kid eating soup with just his mouth like a cute little puppy.  His mom was complaining about how the Republicans want to steal values and whatnot from it got me and my friends thinking, should America keep it's two party system?

Most countries have many political systems, hell...some of those crazy Europeans even got one for cannabis and piracy.  America, for better or worse, only has two...and has had two for many years now.  Sure we got independents but no one really counts them, as they aren't red or blue.  

So I'm asking you, my fellow Americans (and I guess the rest of you who don't live stateside), should America keep it's two party system?  Why should they change it?  Does the government really function better with two parties...or better with dozens?


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Almost all of your stories start at a diner with friends.

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They are both the same party anyways, same agenda anways. Bush and obama was no different from each other, it's just the american ppl thinks so. So yes abolish the democrates and republicans. You want to vote for a party that isn't the same and pretending to be at odds with each other, vote third party. Vote any third party and take back your country, but americans are too suckered into voting for republicans or democrates not realising them serve the same interest. That's the only way you will see any change, but the american ppl falls for this scheme everytime. Honestly there are billionare private bankers and globalist that are really running the country, republicans and democrates are basically actors and actresses pretending they are in control and the media broadcast this play with teleprompters written speeches from the globalist. Of course if others doesn't understand me, i'm not suprised.

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