thegame2k2's Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City (Xbox 360) review

Fun Additions to GTA 4

Rockstar Games developed both the games that released in this two game set.
This is an interesting package because it contained two pretty long games on one disc. The first game being The Lost and Damned and the second being The Ballad of Gay Tony. I'm not going to get into too much detail on the plots to these games, so to keep a long story short, in The Lost and Damned you follow a biker named Johnny Klebitz and in The Ballad of Gay Tony you follow a man named Luis Fernando Lopez.
The gameplay is the traditional GTA gameplay where you complete a lot missions to progress the story. The story's for both games are pretty interesting and for The Ballad of Gay Tony, i can honestly say Rockstar does pretty well on not turning Tony into the traditional stereotypical gay character you see in a lot of movies. Both games offer up to 10 or more hours of gameplay, which is pretty long considering the fact that both these games are really nothing but add-ons to GTA 4. 
Obviously, the game can go much longer then 10 hours if you're the type of player who likes to roam around and there's plenty to do in both these games. There's plenty of places to go into and for The Ballad of Gay Tony, the main character is actually a bouncer at Tony's club and that's a pretty interesting feature because you can work as a bouncer every night in the game. One feature that sadly doesn't see much update is the internet feature. I'm not talking about the Online matches. In the game you can go into an internet cafe and when you get on one of the computers you see GTA's version of the internet, which contains certain articles and a dating site. Rockstar stated before The Ballad of Gay Tony's release that they had upgraded this feature from what it looked like in The Lost and Damned and i honestly don't see what the big update is because it looks like the exact same thing that appeared in Lost and Damned.
Graphically, both games look pretty much the same as GTA 4 with a few minor changes. One of my main complaints with the DLC version of the Lost and Damned was that the framerate wasn't always great., especially when there was a bunch of action happening at once. Now that the game is available on CD, i can honestly say it does run a lot better. The Ballad of Gay Tony runs very well too. Visually, both games look very good. The character models and the city itself are fantastic. The many cars, motorcycles, boats and helicopters are also really well done. 
My only real complaint is the same complaint i had for GTA 4 and that is the fighting physics. They are way too slow. Previous GTA games had some pretty fast fighting physics and you could throw several punches in a couple seconds. They tried to make it more realistic for the new GTA games and they just made it hard to handle and actually hitting the person your fighting is a lot more challenging as well.
The controls have not been altered at all from what they were like in GTA 4.
Overall, Rockstar did a fantastic job with these additions to GTA 4.


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