sgthalka's Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City (PlayStation 3) review

Worth buying for Ballad of Gay Tony alone.

 If you play this double DLC pack in chronological order, that means you'll be taking on The Lost & The Damned first. Which is unfortunate because the first DLC add-on is a bit of a chore to get through. The well-worn GTA gameplay is recycled, for better or worse, in a no-frills crime story of headbanger biker gangs fighting for turf and battling egos. It's a humdrum storyline with generally unlikeable characters and oftentimes tedious gameplay that lasts around eight to nine hours without obsessing over side-missions.

And the sooner you get done with it, the better because The Ballad of Gay Tony is the real reason to play through this disc. Gay Tony's DLC story is full of memorable characters and missions, over-the-top action and true reinvention of what you've come to expect from GTA4's gameplay. Helicopters and parachutes are used to great effect to take much of your gameplay into the skies above Liberty City. New weapons (I think they're new weapons) like the exploding auto-shotgun are a blast to use, and new sports cars (I think they're new sports cars) making roaring through the city and boroughs as fun as ever.TBoGT really brings Liberty City to life with a much more imaginative storyline than even the original GTA4 and is a fitting finale for this generation of GTA. The main campaign will take around 11 to 12 hours, and the side-missions are actually worth playing around with so you could easily double that figure with all the base-jumping and race time trials. TBoGT is one of the best DLC add-ons I've ever played, easily approaching the depth of an expansion pack.


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