cosmicx's Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City (PlayStation 3) review

Twice the destruction

Episodes of Liberty city became the first DLC's for the Grand theft auto series. The first game was called The lost and the Damned and the second was is called The Ballad of Gay Tony. The Lost is like Sons of Anarchy for Grand theft Auto., it has violence, drugs, and of course, killing. I liked this game a lot even though it was a short adventures story. It had a lot of cool challenges and many different characters. The Ballad of Gay Tony had a different spin to it but it the same enjoyable ventures that you always enjoy in GTA. Both games can be completed at a 100%.


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     I actually played these as downloaded content for Grand Theft Auto IV rather than on a separate disc, but there's not much of a difference besides an alternate selection of radio songs and it's a bit too substantial to shove onto a DLC post, so... I'm doing this. What was most interesting about these two episodes was the way they tied into Niko's story from GTA IV and wrapped up loose ends from that story. Johnny Klebitz and Luis Lopez are both characters that appeared or were reference...

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