Account Security: A Tale in Eight Acts

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ArenaNet president and loose sweater aficionado Mike O'Brien has written just about the most all-encompassing layman's guide to account security you'll ever need to reference. Discussed is not only pertinent information regarding the Guild Wars 2 security situation, including:

  • email authentication
  • upcoming two-step authentication
  • preparatory password blacklisting
  • possible mandatory password changes
  • credit card security

but also universally helpful information about where hackers are obtaining account information, how they're using it, what they're using it for, and what steps you can take to protect all of your internet stuff. It's just a great article to point any technologically-impaired people towards if you need an explanation.

So have you been inspired to go change your password immediately, or are you feeling pretty comfortable with "twilightxx1"?

#2 Posted by pekarn (89 posts) -

@Dark_Lord_Spam said:

...are you feeling pretty comfortable with "twilightxx1"?

How did you get my password?

#3 Posted by Azteck (7416 posts) -

When the hackings started kicking into gear, I pretty much immediately set up two-step verification on my Gmail account and got an auto-generated PW for GW2. Been meaning to do it for a long time but that was the push I needed to set the ball in action.

#4 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3806 posts) -

@pekarn said:

@Dark_Lord_Spam said:

...are you feeling pretty comfortable with "twilightxx1"?

How did you get my password?

You may or may not want to check the room for cameras.

That's a great shirt, by the way.

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