Asura Preview

#1 Posted by Dark_Lord_Spam (3388 posts) -

PC Gamer's Josh Augustine just put up an article detailing his 1-10 experience as an asura. Nice first pic for those of you who are afraid the race might be relegated to cuteness. Also, Rata Sum looks like a nice place for epic screenshots.

#2 Posted by BiG_Weasel (524 posts) -

Already decided to play an Asura engineer, unless this weekend's beta changes my mind otherwise. I usually roll dwarf, but seeing as there are no dwarfs, this is as close as I could get.

#3 Posted by Beaudacious (930 posts) -

I hate these buggers so much, i don't know why . I have no beef with dwarf's and the such. I wish that playing as a char would allow me to eat any Asura i see, then laugh maniacally towards the sky.

#4 Posted by Omanyte_Jackson (30 posts) -

i don't care about cuteness, all i hope is that there story isn't as bad as the norn.

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The Asura seem like a cool race, and Rata Sum definitely seems like the most interesting of all the cities. There's just something about flying geometric shapes and magical holograms. I just hope they don't overdo the arrogant dickishness that seems to be an inherent trait in all Asura.

#6 Posted by Funkydupe (3321 posts) -

Very cool looking.

When I first saw the race I was hoping that maybe they could do engineer stuff that other races couldn't, and that all races had their 'traits' setting them if only a little apart from the rest. Now I know that a human engineer can do anything an asuran engineer can, I still kind of want to play as the asura.

#7 Posted by Phatmac (5726 posts) -

That guy does't have 6 arms.. :/

#8 Posted by Monthenor (41 posts) -

@BiG_Weasel: "Engineer" is the Asuran equivalent of a University Studies degree. Set your sights a little higher.

#9 Edited by BiG_Weasel (524 posts) -

@Monthenor said:

@BiG_Weasel: "Engineer" is the Asuran equivalent of a University Studies degree. Set your sights a little higher.

That's hilarious. All those engineer jokes come to mind now.

"The engineering major asks, 'How does it work?'; the physics major asks 'Why does it work?'; the liberal arts major asks 'Would you like fries with that?'"

#10 Posted by Monthenor (41 posts) -

@BiG_Weasel: I'm just saying, only some Charr bookah would consider lighting gunpowder on fire a feat of engineering., I can't wait to RP my Asura over teamspeak. Going to ruin so many friendships.

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