Official Profession Reveal Trailer - Thief (& PAX Gameplay)

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In this trailer you'll see skills...

...such as 'Steal', 'Leaping Death Blossom', 'Shadow Shot', 'Scorpion Wire', 'Cluster Shot'. Which is which, you'll have to figure out on your own. 'Scorpion Wire' certainly sounds like something straight out of Mortal Kombat though. Trailer also offers the first longer look at an Asura in action and I'm relieved that they're actually really cool looking instead of being awkward little fuckers like WoW's gnomes and goblins.

Next up some PAX offscreen footage. It's not too pretty, but the player seems to know what he's doing and it provides some nice looks at the game in action. Really digging the dynamic events. Nothing like the generic Rifts or Warhammer's rigid public quest design.

  Enjoy! And report back from PAX with some hands-on experience - would you kindly?

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Everytime I see a Charr running around in one of these videos, I'm getting some serious nerd/furry boner. Fucking awesome race design.
Indeed! 'Scorpion Wire' is a Mortal Kombat reference! Win.

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Sweetness. I was somewhat down on the gameplay before (still thought it was above average) but seeing this has really boosted my morale.
Can't decide if I'll play ele or theif with my first character.

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Im still holding off for the hope of the mesmer-like character. Yea this game gives people Bonergasms.

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