Shinboy's Half-Hour Heavy Metal Dungeon Hour

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UPDATE: The run is currently scheduled for Sunday July 22nd at 9:00PM Eastern, with "The Battle" by Allen-Lande as the Featured Album.

I love listening to metal while gaming, so I am happy to introduce Shinboy's Half-Hour Heavy Metal Dungeon Hour!* I figured I would roll it out in the upcoming BWE so I can get my streaming set up working before the game goes live. Anyway, basically this is a dungeon run accompanied by a music bot (run by yours truly) that blasts intense metal throughout the run in Mumble to spice things up. I did this sort of thing periodically with my Guild Wars 1 guild, and they were good fun. Most of the metal that I will be playing is of the power metal and progressive metal subgenres, but I am posting this now so you guys can throw in any requests you may have. Just wanted to gauge interest in this kind of thing, seeing as I would not mind doing it weekly once the game is live. We will probably be doing Story Mode for the Catacombs because it's quicker and easier, and that way more people are able to join.

The only requirements are that you can do the dungeon (obviously), that you can be on Mumble for the run, and that you have an open mind about the music I will be playing. It's not fun for anyone if someone is just complaining about the music the whole time. If you really don't like it, you can always mute it, I won't be offended. Also, since I know he is such a huge fan of the genre (obviously sarcrastic, he called me misguided for listening to it :P), I am personally inviting on this test run, assuming he is the right level. The rest of the spots are first come first serve.

Anyway, for those who are curious about this and are wondering what exactly I will be playing, here are a few songs that will probably be on the playlist for this run. I plan on doing a "Featured Album" for each run where I play 5-6-if not more-tracks from one album, but I have yet to decide what album to pick for this run.

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*The run will not actually be a half-hour. Kudos to you if you get the reference. If you do not, watch this.

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I like both power, and progressive metal, but not those bands (except nightwish)

I'd definitely take part in this, but I won't be playing much next beta, and I'm nowhere near level 30

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Oh man - I hate metal, but I love the spirit of metal, so I am definitely down. HOWEVER, I am only lvl 26 - so assuming they don't wipe the characters I should be able to get up to 30 by doing the asura starting area with my human warrior. We should be able to do this come sunday night or so.

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Well, most metal I deal with is old standards, but I like some of the more orchestral modern stuff (like Nightwish). And my norn necro is super-close to level 30. I guess whether I'll be able to join in depends on if my new machine gets in before then, because if not I'll just be a huge combat-lag anchor.

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@Maystack: Well what bands are you into? Maybe if I enjoy their music I can include them.

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@shinboy630: Here are some examples, but really I'd listen to anything that isn't too growly/screamy. I've actually listened to a bit of Blind Guardian because you posted that and they sound pretty awesome.

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isn't alone. Metal sucks.

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@Maystack: Out of those bands, the only one I've heard of is Edguy, but I enjoy their music. But yeah Blind Guardian is pretty awesome. Any band that does a 14 minute epic about the Illiad and fall of Troy is ok with me! (for the record that song is "And Then There Was Silence")

Well you don't have to come then! :P

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@UssjTrunks: Hey, check yourself.

I don't really listen to much new metal bands, but I love being introduced to new bands, but I will forever be the guy that is addicted to Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica and BLS. If I can do the dungeon I will join, but I am only level 15 on two characters.

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Just a quick update, I'm starting to get a playlist together so if you have any suggestions throw them at me! Also, if they wipe characters for this beta the dungeon is obviously not happening, so would anyone be down for doing this for anything else? Just so I can figure out streaming over mumble, cause I'm also used to doing it over ventrilo and from what I've read it's sort of different.

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@shinboy630: Maybe some jumping puzzles? Those seem like the most lengthy PvE content at early levels. I'd say mini-dungeons, but I think the first one of those is scaled to level 25, so it wouldn't be much more realistic.
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@shinboy630: Like @Dark_Lord_Spam said, the most likely thing would be the jumping puzzle in WvW. If you know what you're doing and make no mistakes, that can be finished very quickly though.

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@Dark_Lord_Spam: @Maystack: I like this WvW jumping puzzle (or jumping puzzle in general) idea. That way if more than a party's worth of people are interested (as unlikely as that seems at this point), they can join to see if they like the way things are done with the music and whatnot.

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@Maystack: Hey - I dont like much metal, but I actually don't mind any of those songs, maystack. Well played.

#15 Posted by Maystack (928 posts) -

@selfconfessedcynic: Glad you liked it. I always like spreading bands I like, especially anything Arjen Anthony Lucassen does. The man's a genius.

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Since we wont be able to do the dungeon in this beta due to the wipe, WvW jumping puzzle (or just general WvW if that falls apart) it is! This means anyone can join. Now we just need to nail down a time.

#17 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3808 posts) -

@shinboy630: I'm too lazy to check, but hasn't Friday or Saturday night (rough American time) worked out well for international members?

I guess there's always the chance of running up against the live stream on Friday, though.

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@Dark_Lord_Spam: Yeah that usually works well, but friday night is the guild livestream, and I may or may not have plans saturday night with family. Hopefully that opens up, I'll try to confirm whether I'm busy soon then we can make a solid time.

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Another update! We will be doing (read: attempting till we all rage quit) the WvW jumping puzzle for this run. The run will take place Sunday Night July 22nd at 9:00PM Eastern Time.

Also, I have decided on the Featured Album for this run. It is "The Battle" from Allen-Lande. It is not as heavy and is a bit more upbeat than some of the other albums I was considering, so I feel like it will be a good way to ease people into this. Also, the cover art is beyond amazing. I've included a couple of songs below for your listening pleasure.

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I'll be there!

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Is this still happening? 9et is five or so hours from now right?

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@Maystack said:

Is this still happening? 9et is five or so hours from now right?

Four hours from one minute from this post.

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Yeah I'm going to try to have it still. It's not that I don't have the time or anything like that, it's just that I'm in the process of testing my streaming and it is bringing my shitty network to it's knees.

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Since it was pretty much just and that were interested, and since I got my streaming issues fixed, I think we may have to cancel this. I can still try to play some music over mumble, but for now I think I may just put this on the back burner until after release when a lot of people can run dungeons.

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@shinboy630: Yeah, it's a shame more people weren't interested. Looking forward to post release runs though.

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I had a guild on The Old Republic that I started with some friends called The Billy Joel Tribute Band.

Guess what we listened to while in dungeons and raids? = D

Nonetheless, as a metalhead, I fully approve of this Half-Hour Heavy Metal Dungeon Hour.

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Allen Lande rocks!
Jorn is my favorite male singer! <3

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@TaliciaDragonsong said:

Allen Lande rocks! Jorn is my favorite male singer! <3

Allen Lande was the first time I heard any of Jorn's material. I gave a listen to Masterplan's newest effort, though, and man this is awesome! I will definitely be including some of this in future playlists.

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