The Lincolncast Episode 52: Smooth

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The Lincolncast Episode 52: Smooth

(GW2 talk runs till 51mins) Tune in for our surprisingly on-topic first hour where we chat about the recent content update to GW2 in which some trends strongly continue and others are bucked!! We start out quite critical, but in all the Queen's Jubilee seems really cool. Aside from that, Noob has been reading, we've all been playing a bunch of games (including Papers Please and Tales of Xillia) and more!

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Show Notes

Music: "Super Adventure Box: Main Theme" by Maclaine Diemer & Leif Chappelle

Featured Members:@thurbleton, @dourin, @selfconfessedcynic, @no0b0rama

Run time: 02:01:53

Topics for the week:

  • The Queen's Jubilee: continuing old trends
  • BUT the combat is pretty cool
  • PvP changes seem to be good? Probably?
  • aaaaand after 51 mins we move on to what we've been playing, watching and reading.


Enjoy! Also, feel free to leave some criticism or feedback - or @TheLincolncast on Twitter


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