Reach DLC Speculation...

#1 Posted by plague102 (129 posts) -

So what do people think is going to be released as DLC and what does everyone want to see released???
-Im thinking some new maps, maybe a new game variant and some new forge toys.  Also It would be sweet if they could have monthly contests for forge map of the month.
On a side note did anyone else notice how Jun and the doctor didn't die well at least we didn't see them die... I sense possible dlc content perhaps a few mini campaign lvls??

#2 Posted by ShaneDev (1696 posts) -

I hope its a decent map pack,could also be Jun single player experience which is maybe a little unlikely or space combat multiplayer.

#3 Posted by ProfessorEss (7538 posts) -

I'd be surprised if there was, but it would be awesome if there was actually some campaign DLC in the pipe.

#4 Posted by Mystyr_E (1223 posts) -

I hope it's new maps, like....NEW maps, not this "oh we just made Rat's Nest again but it's called Mouse Hole" or whatever. I get Halo's had good maps before but I've played them before.

#5 Posted by Teran (877 posts) -
@plague102 said:
 **SPOILER BELOW**On a side note did anyone else notice how Jun and the doctor didn't die well at least we didn't see them die... I sense possible dlc content perhaps a few mini campaign lvls?? "
In canon lore, Dr. Halsey does not die on reach.  She is alive and well in the time line long after Reach has been glassed.  Jun is unknown (Reach is the first time he's seen in lore) but I think the general consensus is that he is alive until proven otherwise.  I would happily pay $5 or $10 for a new campaign mission telling the story of Jun and Dr. Halsey's escape.
#6 Posted by JamesBoyce (295 posts) -

If you lot know the guy's 'trolling' why the fuck do you bother replying?  Some mini-campaign levels would be pretty sweet, but I reckon it'll just be a shitload of maps they put out as DLC, really...

#7 Posted by R3Qui4M (409 posts) -

Flame War.... 
But there is nothing to speculate, there is going to be new maps. Hopefully not just Forge World maps. cuz we can make those.

#8 Posted by Zereta (1370 posts) -

PC Fanboys who rag on Halo... and then cite ODST as an example for overpriced DLC are hilarious. Sure PC devs are so happy with their loyal yet mentally challenged fans. 
In other news, More maps. Always. A new Forge World Environment would be awesome.

#9 Posted by MystDragon3k (119 posts) -

Honestly I dont think we'll see a mission where we play as Jun. Most of the Bungie team is onto their next project so to create and design a whole new mission seems like too big a task for too small a team for a relatively insignificant character. Even if we did get it, what would it be? a Sniping escort mission to get Dr. Halsey to castle base, only to die in the end? 
I love the Halo lore, and I would love to see what happens to Jun...but in terms of a single mission DLC? I dont see it happening. Maybe in a comic or something, hell, if 343 made a short xbl marketplace game where you play as Jun, that would be tight.
But DLC? Its gonna be new maps, lets face it. My biggest hope is that they're going to be crazy maps that we couldnt just build ourselves in Forge interactive objects (Terminal from Halo 2 anyone? Anyone?)

#10 Posted by charlie_victor_bravo (1053 posts) -

It is a map pack with all or most Halo 3 maps. 
New  campaign mission and new forge world would get my money tough. 

#11 Posted by RedAuerbach (35 posts) -
@charlie_victor_bravo said:
" It is a map pack with all or most Halo 3 maps.  New  campaign mission and new forge world would get my money tough.  "
I want me some Foundry!
#12 Posted by JeanLuc (3614 posts) -

The coolest thing would be a new forge world (winter or desert please), or a new Singleplayer mission (like what happened to Jun). 
Otherwise lots of brand new multiplayer maps. If they have to be remakes then I would love Hang 'Em High, Sidewinder, and Guardian.

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DLC will be nice. 


!000 posts!!!!

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DLC has already been confirmed by Bungie in last weeks Weekly Update when they showed how to download the game to the hard drive and it showed Reach in recent games with 59 Achievements for 1250 Gamerscore. 
I've got no doubt there will be a good bit of maps coming out of Bungie. I'm hoping each pack features a few newly design maps, as well as a few remakes. Hopefully Guardian and The Pit will return, my favorites from Halo 3. A legit Lockout, and Wizard remake would be nice as well.  
I don't think they'd make another ODST for Reach. ODST began as Recon, which was just a couple of missions that were to fill in the story of what was going on between Halo 2 and 3. Bungie realized they had something going, so they made a full fledged campaign, added Firefight, and threw in the multiplayer from Halo 3, with all the 4 of the map packs, which alone cost $60 total. I personally skipped on ODST until I learned the Reach Beta would be accessible to ODST owners, so I went out and bought a $30 used copy.

#15 Posted by DonPixel (2663 posts) -

I would love to see some campaign 

#16 Posted by Lukeweizer (2785 posts) -

New maps. Then Bungie will make you pay  $10 to play certain playlists cause they require the DLC, just like Halo 3 did.

#17 Posted by Ronin147 (79 posts) -

I would love to be able to play the Mission Master Chief and a couple of the Spartan 2's went on in the Fall of Reach to take back an ONI space station that the coveneant had taken over.
#18 Posted by afrofools (1335 posts) -

Zanzibar on Halo Reach, and something new ASAP!

#19 Posted by Hitchenson (4682 posts) -

3 maps - 800MSP 
You heard it here first.

#20 Posted by Fjordson (2436 posts) -

My gut feeling is new maps. Which would be good, but I think some single-player DLC would be a neat first for the series.

#21 Posted by onetwentyse7en (14 posts) -

I would be quite disappointed if bungie tried to throw a forge world variant in to a paid dlc...  I would really like to see a remake or two (lockout, damnation, guardian, etc..), and three new maps.  Most of the maps currently in play, are pretty damn bad in my opinion.

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