Do you guys think I should do a retrospective review?

#1 Posted by DoctorOptimist (502 posts) -

Now the Halo Reach is going to be released in a few more weeks, I thought about doing a retrospective review of the series. I'll evaluate my views towards each Halo title that were released, I'm not going to dive into the novels or the graphic novel. However, I'll be also be reviewing the beta, as I clearly remember it. My views towards some of the games in the series will be quite controversial amongst fans.  I like to do it as a bit of a tribute to the franchise, as I'm highly anticipating for Reach.
Do you think I should do it in blog format or write it in the user review section? 

#2 Posted by T00MuchSteeze (163 posts) -

I would go with the blog unless you plan on doing each game individually. I think it's an awesome idea. 

#3 Posted by wefwefasdf (6729 posts) -

Yes! I would read it, anyway. 

#4 Posted by VisariLoyalist (2991 posts) -

reviews are less noticeable but that is where it belongs right, since it's a review and if people go looking for a halo review they'll be able to find yours if you make it a review. Hell you could post it twice, that wouldn't be all that bad idk though maybe the mods don't like that.

#5 Posted by DystopiaX (5297 posts) -

Yeah. Although by now the older games are so nostalgic I don't know how much of a proper review it would be. MS should just put CE and 2 on the 360 with working online multiplayer over XBL, although LAN parties are still the best part of CE.

#6 Posted by DragonBloodthirsty (470 posts) -

I think it depends on how you plan on writing the review.  If it's a monologue not focused on the game(s), then it seems more blog appropriate.  If it would be a review of multiple games, it would certainly make more sense to review them using the "Review" function.

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