Cybil Bennet: Friend or Foe?

#1 Posted by JakJ (1010 posts) -

What do you guys think? She helps Harry all throughout the beginning, gives him his first weapon, etc, but there is a point where you have to fight her and may have to kill her. Can she be both?

#2 Posted by epic_pets (1339 posts) -

Yea I say both

#3 Posted by JakJ (1010 posts) -

Way to pad your post count. Maybe you should shut it until you have something useful to add.

#4 Posted by BackwardsHero (22 posts) -

what the hell do you want him to say? did you want a philosofical rant on how its all about point of view and how you decide to perceive things? This is an internet gaming site, not a university.  
in regards to the question cybill is a good character. you only face her because shes possesed by a parasite, and if you save her, you end up together with her at the end of the game. 

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