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The Wizard stealing the King's Crystal!
This is the first level in the video game Castle Crashers. When you enter the Home Castle a cut-scene plays that shows the King's Crystal being stolen from him. Once the cut-scene ends you come charging through the castle gates and take control of your character. This mission is very simple, you must play through the level defeating any invading enemies on the way. Once you reach the gates you are then taken to the world map.

Hidden Items

Mr. Buddy

Dig there to get Mr. Buddy
Mr. Buddy is an Animal Orb, that can be found in the Party room on Home Castle.

 At the start of the level instead of going right and doing the mission, turn left and run through the doorway and into the party room. Now keep going left until you reach the the end of the room there will be an "X" marked on the floor near some barrels. Return to this point when you have the unlocked shovel and dig on that spot. Doing this will unlock the Animal Orb Mr. Buddy!


Pick up the Pitchfork
The Pitchfork is a unlockable weapon found in Home Castle.

Near the start of the home castle mission, you will come across a pile of hay with a Pitchfork left in it, walk up to the hay and pick up the Pitchfork, a message from the blacksmith should pop up instantly and you have just unlocked the Pitchfork weapon.


Dig here to get the Carrot
The Carrot is a unlockable weapon found in Home Castle.

Shortly after you pick up the Pitchfork carry on until you see a house that is on fire right next to a flight of stairs, look on the floor for an "X" marking, return to this point when you have unlocked the shovel and dig on that spot. Doing so will unlock the Carrot weapon.

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