Why are ID even bothering with Wolfenstein?

#1 Posted by PapaLazarou (870 posts) -

I'm a big fan of RTCW and it was such great game but so far theres been no hype for Wolfenstein that I only feel like it was announced yesterday. Noone I speak to that loved RTCW and played the multiplayer together are even aware that Wolfenstein is coming out. Not to mention the fact that the game looks really poor and we don't even know anything about the multiplayer really. Like whats going on? I would say this is an experiment by ID to see if they can sell a game with no hype but Quake 4 was the same and it was a pretty lackluster game.
What are ID doing? The only game they treated with any respect was Doom 3 and I thought it was a fantastic game but everything else from them it seems like are mini projects to just keep pouring games out. The release of a Quake or a Wolfenstein is meant to be a big thing and these games are meant to be epic but it's not looking like that anymore. Just seems all their attension is on Rage and they get 3 people to work on everything else.

#2 Posted by JeffGoldblum (3829 posts) -

Dont judge a game you havent played yet. You just look like a fool.

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Its a game based on an old engine developed out of house.
Maybe it will be good but his point that it has been paid no respect stands.

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Raven is doing most of the work on the new Wolf, they made Quake 4 mostly too.  id (btw it's 'id' not 'ID') has their studio focused on Rage & a lesser extent on Doom 4 right now.

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Id didn't develop Wolfenstein, genius. Nor did they develop Quake 4. That would be Raven Software.

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Exactly the point.Flagship games which used to be a source of excitement are now shipped outside and underhyped.This is sad.

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Fuck sake why has everything got it's own forum these days? I can't even find these forums so no wonder why they are so dead.... moved to where noone will post. Should just have the basic forums back where everything to do with PC gaming goes in one PC GAMES FORUM.
Another forum ruined goodbye.
+ I know Id didn't make it but they own the IP.

#8 Posted by EdIsCool (1140 posts) -

Yeah the only thing that get posted on are those that are controversial and so get posted on often enough to show up on the front page..not a good system.

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The fact that I only realized that Wolfenstein was coming out (Or is out?) after seeing the contest video is a testament to how terribly this game is being marketed. Couldn't be less interested.

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