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149956 ReverendHunt Game Overview 12/14/14 08:36PM 1 Approved
142309 ReverendHunt Game Overview 10/20/14 07:16PM 1 Approved
142308 ReverendHunt Game Overview 10/20/14 07:13PM 131 Approved
91534 ReverendHunt Game Overview NRS just announced Darkseid as an exclusive character to the mobile version 03/05/14 03:37PM 1 Approved
78447 ReverendHunt Game Overview 12/31/13 12:35PM 5 Approved
70453 ReverendHunt New Release 11/22/13 10:26PM 7 Approved
68115 icytower38 Game Overview 11/12/13 05:23PM 69 Approved
68091 icytower38 Game Overview 11/12/13 03:11PM 6 Approved
53441 ReverendHunt Game Overview Just announced to be coming to Android "this fall". 08/30/13 02:10PM 2 Approved
47975 ReverendHunt Game Overview 08/06/13 04:00PM 2 Approved
43637 RyuHayabusa Game Overview James gordon is on health card for Batgirl. James gordon's card gives health boost to Batgirl 07/18/13 05:46PM 2 Approved
33766 ReverendHunt Game Overview 06/03/13 08:16AM 2 Approved
31592 ReverendHunt New Release 05/22/13 12:46AM 7 Approved
24275 Gamer_152 Game Overview 04/21/13 09:36AM 7 Approved
22405 Atom Game Overview Corrected the overview (calling it a "card based game" made it sound like it was Magic The Gathering or something :P) and added a small bit of general information. 04/14/13 09:29AM 59 Approved
20318 Veilor Game Overview 04/08/13 03:21PM 2 Approved
19982 RyuHayabusa Game Overview Nightwing has different costume, different trait and some special moves from Nightwing (Regime), same goes for everyone. I'll add rest of the info after i unlock remaining characters. 04/07/13 11:05AM 70 Approved
19445 RyuHayabusa Game Overview Wonder Woman and Doomsday are playable characters in Injustice's ios version. 04/05/13 06:47AM 4 Approved
19320 ReverendHunt Game Overview 04/04/13 02:14PM 34 Approved
19141 bobafettjm Game Overview 04/03/13 08:10PM 2 Approved
19128 ReverendHunt New Release 04/03/13 06:39PM 7 Approved
19127 ReverendHunt Game Overview 04/03/13 06:34PM 133 Denied
19123 ReverendHunt Game Overview Injustice 04/03/13 06:23PM 10 Approved

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