Ant Raid - An original iPad game coming this spring

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Hi there, fellow gamers!

We, as in Prank Ltd, wanted to share you some information of our first original iPad title. Ant Raid combines action, arcade and strategy, and will be released in App Store this spring (unfortunately we can't provide a more exact date yet.) The setting is easy-going "tongue-in-cheek" horror.

A glimpse of Ant Raid's features: 

  • Designed for iPad from the get-go. In other words: not a conversion.
  • Easy-to-grasp one finger controls.
  • Survival mode with four dynamic and endless levels, connected to Game Center Leaderboards.
  • Story mode with 100 playable levels.

For more, please visit

Here's a cinematic trailer of Ant Raid, and a few screenshots. Enjoy!

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I have a garage packed full of junk. You wouldn't be in the market for a treadmill or drum set, would you?

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