New releases: Infinity Blade or Puzzle Quest 2?

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Both these games came out on the iPad yesterday but don't know which to buy! I think IB looks visually striking, technically and artistically, but the gameplay looks a bit bland and non-interactive... Could be wrong tho! 8$
Puzzle Quest 2 I'm interested in because I never played the first game and always loved the concept. 10$

Any suggestions?

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@bigmuffpi: Infinity Blade is only $6 and is a lot of fun
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get both. pretend you bought a console game and think of how you saved $40. 

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If there isn't demo, or lite version as they call them in the app store, you could download PQ2 on the Xbox 360 or PC to see how much you like it. I made the mistake of getting the game right when I got a new 360 after being without one for a year. It was one of maybe a dozen games I got around the same time to catch up and it got buried under the rest. I've played it for 3 hours and feel like I just barely started. I don't have many friend, but someone on my list has 40 hours in that game and hasn't gotten the achievement for finishing it. I've seen people talk about playing it for 80-100+ hours and still going back for more. It certainly seems like you might get your $10 worth with it. Of course that could be a negative, as less than 5% of the people on raptr have finished the game. Maybe there's too much there.

#5 Posted by RainVillain (480 posts) -

I ended up going with infinity blade. Puzzle quest 2 some other time. It's neat so far. Basically Punch Out RPG. Unfortunately a bit awkward on iPad screen because the dodge buttons are so far from the middle of the screen. No easy way of holding. Must be super awesome on iPhone, but still enjoyable on the Pad. Still not too sure what happens to equipment when it is mastered though?

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