Iphone cases (specifically the 5), recommendations?

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My new iphone 5 just came today in the mail. The first order of business is to get a case on this thing.

MY gf and I previously both had the galaxy S2. When it came time to sell those phones since we decided to commit to the new iphone (not dissing android over here) her phone had some noticeable damage on it from the short time she had it without a case. So the new rule for this phone is that it needs a case to be taken outside of the house.

She wants to go to the Apple store tomorrow, yeah that'll be real fun, to see some in person and then try and order one online cheaper.

I know a lot of people probably haven't used an iphone 5 specific case yet since it just came out, but can you guys recommend some iphone 4/4s cases you've been using. I'm sure those manufacturers have or will have 5 cases available.

Just looking for something thin and light that protects the outside of the phone, nothing fancy. I may get a screen protector as well for them. I had a Zagg one on my PSP, but the texture didn't feel right for a touchscreen. At the mall they have a kiosk and had some sample ones to touch. The two clear ones they had actually feel a lot better so I might give them a try.

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I've had good experiences with incase. I've dropped my iPhone a few times and it just bounces of the pavement. No screen cracks or noticeable system damage. If you want a bulky ass case that will last an Indiana Jones jungle romp, I've heard otterbox is pretty good as well. I didn't want a super bulky case so I went with incase but it's totally up to you. Hope that helps!

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Don't get a case. Cmon dude, thats a too good looking phone to hide in a case. If you NEED a case for protection though then I'd say go with an Otterbox.

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I just got my iPhone today as well. If the size of the phone with the case on doesn't matter then get an otterbox case. They are great cases but they tend to be on the bulky side. If you want the phone to remain slim and protected then go with an incase. They are good cases and they keep the phone size to a minimum. I currently using one and it going good so far.

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I'll check out incase, thanks. This is the case I had with my galaxy s2. I liked it a lot. Although mine had a black inner liner and was only $10 on amazon. The iphone case mates are not that cheap yet.


I also ordered two of these off amazon, people seem to like them and for $3 a piece I'll give them a try.


edit: looks like the incase cases aren't available until october.

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Personally I think the iPhone 5 looks nicer without anything. Its just my personal opinion... but if you are looking for original and high quality cases I would recommend you this site: http://koreahallyu.asia/product-category/iphone-5-case/

It is not cheaper as Amazon or ebay but you should give a try! ah.. I realize just now that it was 1 year before you needed it.. haha you own maybe a new phone now haha :)

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