Iron Brigade Name Spotted!

#1 Posted by OmegaRedSix (33 posts) -

Saw Iron Brigade name on Xbox Live this morning, and I live in the US. Anyone else can confirm? Do we have news on a launch date?

#2 Posted by White_Silhouette (488 posts) -

No dice in Canada on either the or the 360. Trenched still be Trenched.

#3 Posted by Mercot (85 posts) -

It's still a mix for me. Comes up Iron Brigade on the 360 launch menu, but the game itself still has the Trenched title menu.

#4 Posted by jakob187 (22362 posts) -

I saw Iron Brigade on the menus as well for 360, but the game still says Trenched in the Marketplace.

#5 Posted by OmegaRedSix (33 posts) -

Gaaah! I just want more Tren...I mean Iron Brigade!!

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