Rise of the insane difficulty.

#1 Posted by Lotan (237 posts) -

Yeash! The DLC levels are really really REALLY hard solo. They force you to group up to even win let alone get any medals. Its pretty disappointing that unless you have a regular group then the DLC content is IMO not even worth trying.

#2 Posted by ThePickle (4266 posts) -

They're hard even with groups. Settlement is the one that was heavily bordering on unfair. Grind earlier levels and get loot.

#3 Posted by vespene_jazz (36 posts) -

I think it's for the better. The game was a WAY too easy before the DLC so having to think hard about your loadouts before missions is a welcome change.

Except those Volt droppers, fuck them! I can never get past 20ish waves because of them.

#4 Posted by sixpin (1333 posts) -

I tried playing in a group of two the day the DLC came out (same co-op partner I finished the main campaign with). After banging our heads against the first level a few times we resigned to grind early levels. After a few rounds of old content grinds, I really started to resent the new DLC's difficulty as I felt like I just paid $5 to grind content I already owned. I played in this week's TNT and haven't touched the game since. I had fun on TNT, but I doubt I'll go back to Martian Bear again. It seems well made, but the difficulty spike requiring a full group of four competent players makes it not-for-me.

#5 Posted by Fink (122 posts) -

Yeah, it does get hard.

I've been playing with 2 other people, and it's still hard, but very fun. After running into walls for a while, we got some good loot and was able to fight back. The upgraded hedge trimmer is great. I forgot the name of it, but it's a machine gun that takes up 3 slots. Does a ton of damage.

Also, go take some of that new stuff on the old maps (aka puppy kicking is fun)

We ended up getting to wave 60 on the hospital because of our new gear.

#6 Posted by FirebirdINF (283 posts) -

I love the challenge. Don't get me wrong, I loved blowing through the original game too. But game pay is fun enough to try harder on mars

#7 Posted by pcmachnik (46 posts) -

I recommend a load out with a archie sniper on one side, a hyper sniper on the other side and emplacements that include a dampening generator with machine gun/flak turrets. I was able to solo complete these missions by just slowing everything down and focussing all attention on volt droppers with my snipers when they showed up. Settlement was the only map I came close to losing but i still passed it solo.

#8 Posted by david3cm (677 posts) -

They are really difficult, but with the right set up and A LOT of luck you can get through them solo.

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