Issue with gameplay.

#1 Posted by Ethan_Raiden (366 posts) -

I really want to like this game, I was a big fan of commandos when I was younger but I have one problem that I'm hoping has a solution. When I right click on a target I want them to run into range before they fire and not fire at someone when a chance to hit is extremely low. Is there a way to change this? Or is that just part of the strategy and gameplay?

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I just spacebar a lot. I'll order my merc to move in the direction of the target and just keep the crosshair hovered over the enemy until the accuracy improves, then I'll hit spacebar, clear orders, and queue up the killshots.

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After playing this game I instantly went on GoG, purchased Jagged Alliance 2, installed 1.13 and had a lot more fun.

But to answer your question, I guess you could turn on guard and set them to run to a certain spot.

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I do tend to queue up all my actions when paused when im about to make a move that could end up getting one of my Mercs hurt or hurting the enemy mercs just so it goes as smooth as possible.Also pausing and queuing all your actions will reflect the accuracy of the final positioning and stance you are in relative to the enemy's position so its nice to queue up commands to see if something is a effective strategy to begin with instead of committing to something that puts you in a vulnerable position which may end up not being as effective as you thought.

Also check your stance that its not set as run just in case, and if it isn't using the pause to queue up your position by running and switching stance's is very useful since you move so slow when aiming in any of the Standing,croutch and prone Ready stance's, since even an extra second or more can end up a merc just blasting you before you set all that up without pausing.

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Like @WilltheMagicAsian said: the solution is to play the original JA2, not the utterly mediocre BiA.

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If you use space to queue up your actions it will tell you their accuracy from where you sent them. So you can hit space, click on the ground somewhere to move closer to the enemy, then highlight over the enemy to see your chance of hitting them from that spot.

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@Ethan_Raiden: Your guys don't have a lot of autonomy in this game, so I don't think that kind of option exists; you'll have to position them manually (whether distance, stance or targeted region) to improve hit chances. Personally, I find it better to set up ambushes so enemies have to come to me and enter my shooting range (if you have short-range weapons, set it up around a corner to limit their range advantage).

Unfortunately, though, I think that once you tell them to shoot, they're just going to do it from that point.

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If you play this game without pausing, like an action rts you will end up dying. You need to queue up your actions, have a plan. Anyways any enemy past the first basic thug is usually guarding with their weapon ready. So any attempt to run and gun, will result in your mercs dying.

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Cheers for all the responces. Ultimately I don't think this game is for me, I thought I could play it as a slower paced RTS, I almost wish that it was turn based like the old ones were apparently, I think it would fit the style of the game more.

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