Am I the only one?

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That really liked/likes this game. This game just became free for Playstation Plus members and it was the one game I was looking forward to. I've been playing for nostalgia's sake, and I found that it still holds up! It does bring back old memories, but it also has cool track design, controls well, and looks pretty nice.

Anyone else out there have fond memories of this game from back when you were a kid? The forums on this game are completely dead. Anyways, try it out, it's awesome!

EDIT: And by dead, I don't mean I expect people to be talking about it like it just came out, but there are absolutely no threads at all! Haha! At least now it has one!

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I used to play this at my neighbors house all the time back in the day, amazing game.  

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Jet Moto was awesome.  My avatar is an image of the box for Rocket Jockey, which had a lot in common with Jet Moto, although it was a bit more aggressive.  You could grapple hook enemies right off of their jets. =) 
Jet Moto always seemed like Wipeout's less popular cousin, but it was still a really great series.

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@SpaceInsomniac: I played Jet Moto before Wipeout, and I think I still like Jet Moto a tad better. Rocket Jockey sounds a lot like Jet Moto mixed with Road Rash (which is also awesome).

Well, looks like there are only 3 Jet Moto appreciators up this late. At least I hope we're not the only 3!

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I played it with my cousin and I remember having a blast with it.

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I hate you for using the title "Am I the only one??" I hate you so much.

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@Brendan: Haha, it got you in here and posting though. That was my master plan! For JET MOTO!!! *Evil Laugh*

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@Brendan: You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not. - John Lennon.

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@huntad: Good thread!

I've been hoping somewhere, someway that the series would get a second life on the PS3. SingleTrac was the Twisted Metal studio right? I wonder where the rights to the series lies now? The first Jet Moto was my favorite. The second was okay, and I never got around to the third game.

Anyway, I think the modern day game could be a lot of fun.

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@GetWhatYagive: Yeah, I think anything Jet Moto would be really cool at this point. The handling is what gets me every time. It's loose enough to be fun, but tight enough for me to stay in control. But yeah, I, too, wonder who has the Jet Moto rights.

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