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Meet Joe, a classic, huge-chinned and cape-wearing stuntman on his way back to the top of the stuntman scene.  At his events, he likes to traverse (or avoid) deadly, yet beautiful, obstacles like ramps, bombs, boost pads, moving platforms, and even a few loopty loops along a three-laned linear path.  During said events, he races against the clock, collects coins and stars, or tries to nail a perfect combo while on his classic (gameplay wise, anyway) tilty motorcycle.
Joe's game is awesome.  The world is really colorful and pronounced, the mood is very silly, and the courses are fairly challenging.  However, the difficulty never gets to be a problem because all it takes is the push of a button and you'll be sent right back to the nearest checkpoint.  In just about every course, there are a bunch of objectives, as mentioned before.  After the first few levels, it becomes impossible to achieve each goal in one run. which lengthens the experience.  This may sound like an artificial extension to the amount of game that's actually there, but playing the same level over and over again (not that you need to do it that much) never becomes a pain since you have to take a new path in order to see all the level has to offer.  Whenever a red-ish lane switching pad appears, you simply have to choose which direction you would like to go and your lane will be switched.  

 On top of the over sixty levels included in the game, there is also a robust level editor where you can create and share your own tracks.  Furthermore, there is a multiplayer race mode, but the servers are pretty barren at this point.
All in all, this is one of the best PSN games to date, and though it's sad to see that $15 has become the common asking price for downloadable games, Joe Danger is definitely worth it.

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