If I get a PS3...

... these are the games I will hunt down.  Going to stick with what I know to be exclusives for this list, although if this was my only third gen I can think of some other games to add.

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Posted by SUPERhys

Good list! Should check out Killzone 2/Resistance 2 too if you're interested in shooters! :)

Posted by RagingLion

I could almost make this same list for myself.  I'm seriously considering getting a PS3 if I have the money free to afford it and that would make it my first ever console.  The biggest thing that is tempting me is Heavy Rain, which has the potential to be my perfect game, with it promising to include so many ideas that I keep thinking I'd like to see in more games - we'll wait and see how it turns out.
And then there's all these other great games to pick up.  LBP and Heavenly Sword can be got for cheap now, Uncharted 2 looks like it's amazing and Demon's Souls as well.  Last Guardian is one for the future which almost certainly will be very exciting and unique.  The other game you haven't mentioned that I'd like to try is Flower off the PSN store.

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Posted by ahoodedfigure
I listed flower, but for some crazy reason I forgot inFamous.  Good save!  Thanks.
Not sure why there are italics there, but I can't switch them off.  Wipeout looks pretty sweet, as well.
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No Fat Princess or PixelJunk? 
Great choices, though.

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@psoplayer: I'm not sure what to think of either of those.  I've heard mixed stuff about Fat Princess, and some people are less than impressed by some of the Pixel line of games.  But I'd be down with trying those out, especially since downloadable games are a lot easier to just nab than the hard copy titles.  Thanks for those recommendations :)
Posted by psoplayer
@ahoodedfigure: I can't say much for PixelJunk Racers or Eden, but Monsters can be fun with a second person (the demo will give a good feel for it). PixelJunk Shooter is an absolute blast.
Posted by Brundage

trust me dude its not worth it all your ps3 will do is collect dust

Posted by NeoGecko

looks like a solid list, if you ask me. and if you don't own a PC a ps3 is a good deal.

Posted by Kyle

Get a PS2!!

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@Kyle: Tons of [now] budget titles for it, to be sure.
@NeoGecko: The drop in price makes it a bit more attractive, but I wonder if we may go the PC route if this old clunker dies on us, since we'll have a PC no matter what.
Posted by NeoGecko
@ahoodedfigure: you're still gonna have to upgrade a PC eventually, which can get pricey.  
Posted by ahoodedfigure
I keep telling myself that when a new computer is on the horizon for us that I'll try to research how to make one myself.  I'm pretty sure I could have done that 15 years ago; now I'm not so sure.
Posted by IndeedCodyBrown

Great but i would add the first uncharted
Posted by abdo

Solid list

Posted by abdo

Hey, I'm sure you've heard of this already. And you need to check out Joe Danger too, it's awesome.

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@abdo:  Thanks-- I've pretty much not been keeping up with these console-specific lists or I'd definitely have included the former. Have to read up on the latter, I think....  
OK; I'll bite.