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I played... the first one. Part of it. I remember thinking it was a bit weird that saves were limited by items you find (typewriter ribbon, I think?). I liked it in theory, because you were forced to make decisions about where you saved. I think if the controls had been better I would have been more in love with the idea. I've heard from fans that the controls are a feature. OK. I liked the typewriter sound, thought the puzzles were goofy... and I couldn't get past the Racoon City name. I like to think I'm not so shallow, but I guess I am. I also liked that since the ammunition was limited, it wasn't just about blasting, but about being smart and being a bit terrified of losing your ability to defend yourself.

I missed the boat on the Gamecube's RE4, and despite a few naysayers many think it's the best of them.

Closest I ever got, on the Gamecube or anywhere, was Eternal Darkness. From what I know of the two franchises, well franchise and game, I think ED was the way to go for my personal tastes, anyway, but I'm sorta happy RE has lasted as long as it has.

So yeah, I had no idea there were so many extra RE games out there beyond the big ones :) Thanks for the list.

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@xymox: Altered Beast was pretty short if I remember right. You just have to stick with it. The dragon level is cheesy because of its powers.

GA is a beatemup, so it leans heavily on how you like the theme and the mechanics. My memory is mixed up with the arcade, which felt a bit different, of course. I'm just into swords and sorcery stuff, I guess :)

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Ecco was hard as fuck. But maybe I wasn't being diligent enough.
Really liked its theme and scope, though.

You got to be a wolf twice, an overpowered dragon once, a tiger that was pretty much the werewolf with a spread shot, and then... the bear. The bear was fucking awesome. It rolled around, and when it breathes on dudes it turns them to STONE. It's too bad you couldn't choose which beast was the thing you'd have as your final power-up.

Eh, but my favorite thing to do would be to power up to the most muscle and then NEVER change into anything. You actually kick a lot of crazy monster ass that way.

Oh, and 2P co-op. Or was that not on the home version?

Almost done: This list needs Golden Axe.

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@thelsdj: It's a hard thing for me to admit, but sometimes a game can be the sum of its plot. I think Kotor I still shines in some ways that are beyond the plot itself, I remember the characters and settings having some decent personality to them in ways that Kotor II didn't always feel (Kotor II sometimes feels a bit closer to Star Trek than is comfortable for me. Hard to explain). But mechanically Kotor II, with its more diversified attributes and crafting system is definitely technically more interesting, even if your stats always matter when you're crafting no matter who happens to be at the table...

Thanks for the answer :)

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@doppelgamer: Thank you. It really would need revision, maybe cull a few, add a ton. Haven't been here in so long, though. Feels weird.

And well... I can appreciate a classic and still wish it would be updated. It's not all attention span, though if it's the only game you have (not the fifty or more one gets to sit on now for the same price) you were willing to put up with a lot more and learn its "language" or whatever.

I was replaying the old Wasteland recently and was irritated by a lot of the unnecessary keys that get you from menu A to menu C. I don't remember feeling that way at all when I first played it... in addition to it being the only game to mess with at the time, I wonder if games used to feel more like toys back then, these amazing things that computers could do, so you were happy to jump through a few extra hoops because the functionality felt huge. Now we're used to it and demand a bit more.

Not to turn this into an essay, but I think sometimes this demand is misinterpreted, and we wind up getting stuff that's over-simplified. Yeah, this could very well turn into an essay...

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Needed to hear this, thank you.

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@Dan_CiTi: Yeah, it tends to be that the more complicated a game you make, and the Zelda games weren't slouches when it comes to combining exploration with behaviors, that you'll more likely get glitches. I sorta consider them an a natural artifact of making games, but they're fun to find as long as they don't ruin the game. I remember finding glitches from the Atari days, when things were relatively simple, so it's always been a question of how hard you hammer the code, and how much you care as long as the thing basically runs.

I'll be interested to see if crowdfunded games are more or less likely to be buggy since many non-professional testers are invited in to prod it (my impression so far is that they're not adequate, but that could be that the teams don't know how to handle them) AND the highly profitable projects have a chance to be very cautious because they're pre-funded, or if it's all a function of how games are made.

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@Dan_CiTi: Yeah, I have a sense of pride when I find glitches. This list isn't nearly complete, but I also don't tend to pick on games that probably should be left alone (unless I'm reviewing them or talking about them in full). I played the game that came with some versions of Wind Waker... I think that was Ocarina, but it was a bit too much of a step down for me in framerate so I didn't get back to it.

3D in general is full of potential pitfalls. People make fun of Daggerfall for its crazy-ass problems, but many developers are still dealing with similar stuff a decade-plus later.

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@Dan_CiTi: Sad that I've never played those games? :)

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@Catsy10: Cool! Glad someone else feels that way about Icewind Dale. I tend to only list stuff I've personally played, but yeah, I watched the folks here play P4 (that's the one, right?) and it had a good range of music. I actually liked the battle music; if they manage to make battle music something you look forward to rather than dread, then they're doing something right, especially in a battle heavy game like that.