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    @onarum said:It's pretty much impossible for normal users, there are bids in the hundreds of thousands of gems... I can't even understand how someone can have that many.The market was(is?) flooded wi...

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    Only hope they do the online stuff justice. Those SMB3 levels? Maaaaaaaan. I'd play this right now if I could.

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    Steam Broadcast is used to break copyright laws and stream porn? I'm shocked.Wonder what'll happen when they find all the nude mods people are using. Because PC gaming.

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    Telltale's Game of Thrones has no partial nudity / sexual themes content warning. Seems an odd way to handle that licence. #ESRB #...
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    Now, if only I could send my alts on Garrison missions... #WarlordsofDraenor
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    Tales from the Borderlands. I really don't like anything about Borderlands, but from what little that was shown during the pre-turkey day stream it actually looked kind of cool. Corporate intrigue in ...

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    Why aren't loading screens in world of warcraft HD? The black bars look absolutely ridiculous. #1080p #followthesubscriptionmoney
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    World of Warcraft? More like... World of Waitcraft. M I RITE? #DraenorGate #WaitlordsofDraenor
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    Blizz, fix your game. #DraenorGate #WorldofWarcraft
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    This... actually looks really interesting to me. They were clearly inspired by TF2.Makes you wonder though... Did all these character models and locations get pulled from Titan and were they re-purpos...

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    Is Overwatch basically Statists vs Anarchists: The Game?That Blizzard CG money though... Holy shit.

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    Wonkers Plushie + Amazon Echo = your very own Watilla. #Funcom #Dreamfall
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    "Super Mario Brothers", you say? Looks like an indie platformer. Is it on steam?
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    hidden premium bombcastsfollow the money900p.giantbomb.com

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    @songwriter1987 said:are we talking with a controller or mouse and keys?First of all I never play first person shooters with a controller, and I never invert the mouse so, normal I suppose.I don't al...

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    @razielcuts said:If I do continue to work in games it’ll be as an anonymous 1 of 1000 at some shitty corporation, not the most public figure of a single digit sized team.Dude still can't just keep hi...

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    Playing Alien: Isolation is kind of making me want a System Shock 2 re-make.
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