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Whether or not I know a thing about the game itself, the premise causes creative sparks in my brain.

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Posted by thehideousshrew

Can't bloody wait for Alan Wake. You should get SCUMMVM and play "I have no mouth..." it is excellent. Very much trial and error but good and creepy.

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@thehideousshrew: I Have No Mouth is a SCUMM game?  I never knew...  Oh, I guess SCUMMVM is compatible with it.
I'm always keen on trying that game out, but part of me keeps nagging for me to buy it from Harlan Ellison himself, to honor the work he did on it.  It's still for sale there, I think...
Yeah, here's the link.
Trial and error is OK if the experience makes up for it, if the puzzles themselves aren't the main focus.  I remember even the demo was creepy, so I don't doubt the rest delivers the goods.  Thanks for the recommendation!