Just Cause 3 in 2012?

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Just Cause 3 is in development and scheduled for release next year.That's according to the latest issue of Xbox World magazine, which states in its latest rumour section: "Our spies say devs Avalanche are hard at work as we speak, and that it's set for release next year."

I for one am excited beyond belief, Just Cause 2 was one of my top five games of 2010. What are your thoughts?

An unfortunate update:

Avalanche Studios has nipped the Just Cause 3 rumour in the bud, issuing a statement to Eurogamer to quickly dispel the speculation. "It's just a rumour and we're not releasing any game in 2012," said Just Cause Creator Christofer Sundberg.
However, there are apparently two "huge" projects currently in development at Avalanche in Sweden, but both are scheduled for release in 2013. Could one of them be Just Cause 3? Who knows?
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I enjoyed both of the Just Cause games, and will most likely get this one on release day as well. Don't know what they can add to improve it though really. Multiplayer is all I can think of.

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This is good news. I like me some Just Cause.

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Great news. Hoping for some co-op this time around.

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Updated original post (sadly).

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Fuck yes.

I can't wait to see how beautiful the world is, what crazy shit we can get up to, and most importantly: the videos this guy will make.

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oh god, if it has multiplayer.... oh god!

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where do i pre-order 
where do i sign up 
count me in, strap it on

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