weskers_evil_brother's Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (PlayStation 3) review

Forget the Negativity, its fun.

Let me first just say the game has problems, really it does, the difficulty needs looked at, the graphics could use another coat of polish and every now and then the shooting mechanics go a touch “funny.”  However these things didn’t stop me loving the game.

So what did I like then? Allow me to answer my own question by telling you. Firstly I enjoyed the story immensely; I thought the characters where fantastic, when the gunplay works its genuinely satisfying and co-op is almost essential now to any game I play. The single player / co-op campaign are a touch short but I far prefer shorter games these days.

So Kane & Lynch is far from perfect, but I really must say I had a lot of fun with it. It’s the exact sort of game I could do with more off quite frankly, as I don’t have the time to commit to 30+ hour game anymore. In the seven or so hours it took to finish, I had a real blast, especially in co-op. Thumbs up then.


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