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118445 Karolis Game Overview Typo in blurb 06/28/14 04:52PM 6 Approved
104590 ReCkLeSs_X Game Overview 05/06/14 09:11AM 2 Approved
96973 NeoJedi_Knight New Release 03/29/14 11:02AM 7 Approved
75854 chocolaterhinovampire Game Overview 12/18/13 06:53AM 1 Approved
33890 admachina Game Overview added some act 2 details 06/04/13 05:34AM 8 Approved
9142 Chromium New Release 02/27/13 02:35AM 7 Approved
9141 Chromium New Release 02/27/13 02:35AM 7 Approved
9140 Chromium New Release 02/27/13 02:35AM 7 Approved
9077 admachina Game Overview fixing release, dev, pub from earlier bug deletion 02/26/13 07:19PM 23 Approved
9076 admachina Game Releases add act 1 to release for linux title 02/26/13 07:18PM 1 Approved
9075 admachina Game Releases fix releases from earlier bug deletion 02/26/13 07:18PM 60 Approved
8962 admachina Game Overview fixed data deletion (caused by previous edit?) 02/26/13 10:27AM 24 Approved
8959 admachina Game Overview filled in game metadata 02/26/13 10:17AM 22 Approved
8957 admachina Game Releases added windows release resolutions, developers & publishers to all releases 02/26/13 10:09AM 56 Approved
7519 Marino Game Overview 02/22/13 05:21PM 1 Approved
7426 R2KA Game Overview System Requirements 02/22/13 01:18PM 44 Approved
5342 ErinIsADrunk New Release 02/18/13 05:43PM 7 Approved
5339 ErinIsADrunk Game Overview Individual purchases of Acts has been discontinued. updated wiki to reflect the change. 02/18/13 05:42PM 8 Approved
3995 ErinIsADrunk Game Overview Changed the use of "episodes" to "acts" to reflect the terms being used by the developer. Soundtrack purchase info added. Linux platform added. 02/16/13 06:09PM 22 Approved

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