Juliet Starling gets hidden cameo + Launch Trailer!

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So, Killer is Dead is out in Japan as it launched yesterday and boy am I jealous! Anyways, while we wait for the North American release of Killer is Dead this bit of news came out. I'm pretty excited that Suda apparently likes Juliet enough that he is keeping her around. Also not-so-secretly hoping for a sequel of some sort as I really liked Lollipop Chainsaw. Anywho, article /w link and trailer below! Discuss!

Grasshopper Manufacture has revealed that Lollipop Chainsaw leading lady Juliet Starling will make an appearance in Killer is Dead.

The zombie-killing teen is “hidden” somewhere in the game and players of the Japanese version, which is out this week, will be entered into a prize draw if they manage to find her. The winner will receive a replica of Mondo Zappa’s ‘Gekkou’ katana and other goodies.

It stands a good chance that Juliet’s appearance will carry over to the western version, but don’t expect the same competition. Killer is Dead is set to release August 27 in North America and August 30 in Europe for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. - Source

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I've reluctantly decided to cancel my preorder of Killer is Dead, just so I can then better afford Tales of Xillia, Payday 2 and Saints Row IV.

Fuckin' August... I love how this launch trailer is basically just a compilation of all of its previous trailers.

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@yummylee: Yeah, that is some Hideo Kojima type shit right there. I also really love the music track that starts at 3:52 soooo good!

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This and Saints Row 4 will definitely fill my quota for Batshit insane video games this year.

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Hidden huh. Is it really hidden when they announce it complete with a trailer that shows footage of the cameo? This might have been actually cool if they didn't decide to blow the lid off it before anyone even had the chance to discover it themselves.

Edit: Oh wait, it came out in Japan yesterday. Well I guess that makes it kind of okay, but that's still pretty quick.

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I hope this game is good. I don't see myself playing it though. Maybe later down the road. Glad to see Suda still cares about Juliet. I like that character.

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@taku128: That wasn't footage of the cameo that was footage directly from Lollipop chainsaw. Although,yeah It would be cooler if someone randomly stumbled upon it. Although Im sure they want people actively searching for her as they are running an actual contest.

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