The PS3 Version has terrible screen tearing

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At least the Japanese version does. Also it does have full english support but neither voice track is lipsyched.

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@bocam: How is the game any good ?

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Are there any Videos of it?

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@bocam: Man that's pretty noticeable, any word on the 360 version?

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@bocam said:

At least the Japanese version does. Also it does have full english support but neither voice track is lipsyched.


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Hot damn I love the way the game looks! Unfortunate about the tearing, but thanks for the gameplay video link!

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It doesn't bother me THAT much but it definitely effect game-play somewhat.

The game itself is ok, the best playing Suda games so far. Just don't go in expecting Devil may cry.

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That's a bummer. I really hate screen tearing, so full-screen constant tearing is a deal breaker for me. How frequent is it?

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I went ahead and asked on Xseed's KiD forum and I got a reply from Tom (Xseed worker) here.

Apparently Xseed hasn't had any screen tearing, so that's good news for now?

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I guess PS3's vsync is off for this?

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I've seen some Gameplay videos online where I didn't notice any tearing.

Example - This one:

Loading Video...

Although, the video is from May... so I'm guessing this was simply a gameplay trailer that was re-uploaded by this Youtube channel, and perhaps at this stage in development there weren't any screen tearing issues... or maybe it was running on a high-end PC that was able to give a much higher framerate?
Anyway, OP, I'm guessing you imported the game and you're having these issues? That's what it sounds like, at least. If that's the case, I'm going to hope that perhaps a lot of the tearing issues on the 360 version are just from the capture equipment the "Let's Players" on Youtube are using.
Anyway, I was going to buy it launch day, but I guess I'll hold off until I can see some comparison videos to know which version is better, or see if XSEED was able to avoid any tearing issues altogether.

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