I want to lose weight and i have a Kinect

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what game should i get? Which one is the best?

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Get them all. Having no money for food is the best way to lose weight.


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If you want to lose weight, start paying attention to portion sizes and exercising more regularly. Healthy eating is, contrary to what diet-pushers will tell you, often less about what you eat and more about how much you eat. This is of course assuming that you're simply overweight, and don't have any actual health issues such as high blood pressure or hyperglycemia, as those do often come with a special diet (possibly combined with medicine) to help with.

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Exercise, while incredibly important, is not what you should be focused on. Look at what you are consuming, find out what you should be eating, and don't fall into any of these low carb/low fat/low whatever fads.

I lost close to a 130lbs in the last year. 70lbs of it, mind you, was simply changing how I ate and adding in about a half hour of walking each day. It's all about what you put into your body.

Best of luck.

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i already lift weights but im not loosing the fat that i want just getting more muscle mass.

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Eat less and go running. It'll be free.

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i have a fucked up triod im already undereating so spare me. i just want to know which game is the best for caloryburning and registering process.

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@AnimalFather said:

i already lift weights but im not loosing the fat that i want just getting more muscle mass.

You need to do aerobic exercise to burn calories. Only lifting weights will actually make you weigh more, since muscle weighs more than fat. I'd recommend jogging.

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Eat less, that will be good.

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Also, good luck.

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@AnimalFather: Try cardio. It will increase your metabolism and burn fat. Lifting weights doesn't do that. Nothing is simpler then going for a jog or jumping some rope to help weight loss.

And those saying watch what you eat are 100% correct. I lost over 30lbs just by cutting out sugary drinks while doing very light exercise.

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Yeah I wouldn't rely on the kinect for actual weight loss, you're better of going to the gym and eating right.
The best advice I can give you about eating right is never skipping breakfast (also having it at about 7 - 10 am), eating every 3 hours or so, but small bytes, like 3 hours after you had breakfast eat an apple, then 3 hours later you have lunch, 3 more hours you eat a banana and so on and so forth, and of course avoid overly fatty stuff, try and put more vegetables, fruit and fibers on your diet.

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You don't even have to eat less, just healthier stuff. A Kinect wont help you lose weight.

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@AnimalFather said:

i already lift weights but im not loosing the fat that i want just getting more muscle mass.

Well, there's the problem. You're trying to loose fat when you should be trying to lose it.

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pushups and situps....old fashion.

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