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So I was cruisin' Futurestiq and I noticed an article about a Yoga/ Tai Chi fitness title was announced for the 360. The details were sparse, but it made me  This isn't a game by any stretch of the imagination, but I would love to see "Personal Trainer," for the Kinetic. 
There isn't a gym where I live, so the only real information I have on proper lifting form are websites and youtube clips. I started getting excited at just the thought of a 360 title that would track my every movement making sure that: I am keeping proper form, breathing properly (if Kinetic is sensitive enough), not taking too much (or too little) rest, and automatically keeping a complete workout log for my lazy ass. 
I understand that most people don't have a gym in their front room, but I know several people that have a TV (even if it is a crappy old SDTV) in the same room as their weight bench. The other major logistic that would make me happy is the cost. If Kinetic costs $150 a 360 costs $200, and the game costs $60 that is a total of $410. I know people that have spent more than that on a dozen sessions with a personal trainer so that isn't too bad of an option for some.
Again, this isn't a game, but I hope it happens, and is made properly.

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