Voice actors for birth By sleep?

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Alright Kiddies with Birth by Sleep right on the horizon we have to take a moment and think about the voice actors. Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II  and Final Mix i think had a rather fantastic cast (Sora was a tad wonky but eh), I didn't cringe when I heard them speak and some were very familiar to the Anime crowd if you listen closely. But now we need to wonder on who will be playing the three new protagonists. 
Here is a tiny break down of the voice actors we've heard from the main cast:

Played by:  Haley Joel Osment 
-David Swinton, A.I. [ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE] (2001)
-Cole Sear, The Sixth Sense (1999) 
-Trevor "Trev" McKinney, Pay It Forward (2000) 
Played by:  David Gallagher 
-Brad Lunders, Coldwater (2002) 
-Oliver van Rossam, Rocket Power (1999) 
-Simon Camden, 7th Heaven (1996) 
Played by:  Hayden Panettiere 
-Maddie Harrington, Ally McBeal (2002)
-Natalie Scheffer, Joe Sombody (2001) 
-Sheryl Yoast, Remember The Titans (2000) 
That is the main cast. Again I don't have any real problems with the voices, I'm more curious on who they are going to go with for the new one. Sense it's to be announced and you see what kind of voice actors chosen for above, who do you think may get it?


(I think we can allllll agree that the same voice actor will be back, the same one who played Roxas will be here for Ventus. Soooo)
Played by: Jesse McCartney
 -Alvin and the chipmunks: The squeakquil (2009) Theodore
-True Blood (episode 1)
-Um.. he sings...yup
ANYWAY... DISCUSSS........SSSSS...Ss..ssss <<;

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