For $1 in Be Mine 5 Bundle (ends on ~18th of October)

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Just a heads up for anyone who might end up landing on this forum in time.

Be Mine 5: Game + Music Bundle

Please let me know if you saw this here first. I could start doing this regularly on all game forums without such info of a current deal ^_^

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Thanks for the tip, but I didn't care for King's Bounty. Too much trekking across the map to find the one enemy group that is weak enough for you to fight, and it just stresses me out that the units are basically finite, compared to the HoMM series where they gradually replenish.
But hey, some people like it, and that is fine.

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@BisonHero: Those are basically the same reasons why I'm less keen on it than the Heroes series. I still like them quite a bit, but I didn't finish either the original or Armored Princess. That being said, King's Bounty for a dollar is not a bad deal at all.

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