sepultallica86's Kirby's Dream Land (Game Boy) review

Awesome platforming to be done in Dream Land

Kirby'd Dream Land is about a pink ball shaped character. And you go around sucking in your enemies. You then can shoot out the enemies to kill other enemies in your path. This game is a platforming game, and is very fun and good to look at. The control for this game is very well executed, using the d pad to move around, and up to fly, and your jump button, as well as the sucking move.
There are four stages comprised of fun and unique platforming in each, with a sub boss and a final boss in each stage. Your health is comprised of hit points, and you can suck in or eat food laying around to replenish your health. Once you have beaten the game, you can go through it again on difficult making it much harder. The levels then have double the enemies, and more tricky spots to get by. The game seems easy the first time through, but on difficult you will find yourself dying quite a bit. But all said, Kirby's Dream Land is one of the best platformer games available on the Game Boy, and highly recommend you check this out, and it hardly seems dated either.


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