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Melkorka Tetirdottir ('Korka' for short) is one of the residents of Scoggins, Minnesota, caught up in the events of Puzzle Agent 2. She lives alone in the Tetirsson House (indicating that there was a family of people living there, though there's no trace of them now), a large home with striking modernist stylings and with puzzles worked into the architectural features. She is more obsessed with puzzles than even other Scoggins inhabitants, and has a large collection of board games for two players. She used to have a partnership with Halldor Magnusson, who has disappeared in the woods around town.

When Special Agent Nelson Tethers returns to Scoggins to bring a closure to the events of the first Puzzle Agent game, Korka reaches out to him and joins forces in order to solve the string of disappearances plaguing the town. Whereas Tethers is trying to draw a link between the events and the Hidden People, Korka is dismissive about the prospect of there being anything to the stories about the forest gnomes. Instead, she harbours her own theories - that the disappearings are caused by the Kitimat, the first viable human-sasquatch hybrid, being covered up by the government.

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