who has been graced by this game?

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I'd like to know who else here has been graced by this game? i love kya dark lineage it is my second favorite game in the entire world! i really hope for a sequel.

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Yeah, it's a very cool game. There was a top 5 underrated games thread on here awhile ago and Kya was one of my picks.

If you can find the PC version of Starshot: Space Circus Fever, i'd recommend checking it out just because some of the people who worked on Kya also worked on that game...It's not great but it has some good moments, but also some frustrating jumping moments!

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I played it a bit with a friend and really liked it. So much so that I tried to go out and buy it, but nowhere I asked seemed to have heard about it. Strange.

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It was a budget game that I bought a very long time ago, but I have to admit that it was buried under a glut of high profile games, so it barely got a cursory glance.  Perhaps I should revisit it.  It did get very diverse reviews, one as low as 40% and another as high as 95%! (an average 69%)   No wonder I don't trust reviewers.  A poor camera seemed to crop up a lot though.

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I don't think they made many copies. I mean sometimes i'll see a lot of kya's in one store but none in another store. I usuallly don't see kya in stores. 

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Yeah, might go back and play it, now that I have an ebay account. By the way, what is your favourite game?

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Well my absolute favorite game is one of the suikoden games either the 2nd or 5th. but kya follows right after them.
if you look at my current avatar of the girl in blue with a creature on her arm, the girl is millie my favorite character in suikoden 2.

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I can't say that I have, but it sounds like an orgasmic experience.

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