this game is very short

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Went into my local Game store (yes its still open) on Friday because my son was staying with me the whole weekend and we decided to pick up a copy of Lego Batman 2 because it was new and figured it would keep us entertained, came home Friday about 4:30 and by 9pm we had the whole story finished. obviously we hadn't done everything like unlocking the extra characters or any of the free play stuff but i feel like this is the first time one of the lego games didn't have a ton of levels, there is approximately 20 levels with some of them consisting of mostly on the rails shooting.

what really gets my gullet though is that the xbox version was £40 and when i checked steam just a moment ago it was £17.99 which would have been way better value.

for what its worth while it lasted we had a ton of fun with the game and on Saturday we replayed a couple of the levels on free play but we did end up playing other games instead.

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There are 15 levels!

The story isn't that long, but there is enough content in there to last you a long time if you want to.

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That seems on par with the other lego games.

There are 20 Levels in Lego Starwars: The Clone Wars, And I thought that was a bit much.

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there are 15 levels for heroes and 15 for villain

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