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Glitchy, but still a fun Lego franchise!

I'm a big fan of Lego Star Wars, and also the Indiana Jones trilogy. So naturally, I loved this game. It's quite a bit shorter than Star Wars The Complete Saga for PS3, having three episodes instead of Star Wars' six (all episodes still have six levels apiece). 

The Good: 
There's the same cheeky humor that made Lego Star Wars so much fun. There's a slightly different feel to the gameplay with less shooting, more punching and throwing things at your enemy. There isn't any flying, but you can control a boat, motorcycle, & car among other things. 

Indiana comes equipped with his signature whip, and guns can be found at various points in the game. Pistols & bazookas come with a limited amount of ammo, so choose your shots well! 

The other characters have their own different strengths to add to the missions (i.e higher jump, smaller character, shiny object breaker), but the also now have weaknesses as well. Indiana is scared of snakes, Willie is frightened by spiders--so you'll have to switch to another character to help get them past the scary areas. 

Instead of collecting mini-kits, you collect pieces of artifacts. If you collect all of them in the game, 3 extra levels are available to play. 

The Bad: 
When in single player, the game's Artificial Intelligence second player is alot more easily confused. I found myself moving ahead in the game, only to have to go back and get my AI character out of a stuck spot. They also follow too close, making it harder to back up in a tight spot. 

Some of the enemy characters are a bit glitchy as well. Every once in a while when fighting enemies, one or two of them would be running in place behind a rock or other obstacle. 

The character-switching triangle button is a little more generous this time around. Instead of walking up to and facing your second character before pressing the triangle button to switch to them, in Indiana Jones you can switch to your other guy from across the room. While this is really convenient in most cases, it's really a pain trying to use that same button to jump in a car, or pick up an item. I would be about to jump in a boat with the triangle button, then turn a fraction too far past it and end up switching to my second character instead, who was standing several feet away. Agggrhh! 

All in all, it was really fun to play, and the storyline made for some cool-looking environments. Puzzles were tough but doable, and there was a good balance of fighting versus problem-solving. Expect to finish the game in a few days including freeplay--you could rent it but the replay value is pretty good. Hopefully the buggy parts have been noted and fixed by the time Lego Batman comes out!

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