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Right off the bat I have to say this LEGO game is probably the best I've yet played and nearest and dearest to my heart. I've been a huge fan of the movie franchise since I was a kid and all of that I must confess, I'm sure adds to the charm of this game. The game offers all the fun scenes, locations, and characters from the movies that (for most players) is something we're all familiar with. One of the best part is the locations are expanded upon (much like LEGO Star Wars) and give the player a chance to romp through the environments in a way that is fun, refreshing, and exciting.

The games playstyle (in my opinion) has been cleaned up/polished a bit and has a much better look than it's predecessors. The dynamics of the whip and the action animations are all mimed in an over-the-top way that can't help but make the player smile while playing. It was fun to be set in the movies and be given free reign over how to play out each location. The little hidden nuggets in the cutscenes and the levels help add an additional charm which make the game even more fun to players who know why they're so great.

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