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Soul Edge Ending

Li Long fell to the ground with the color of blood on his hands. From the rage of battle he knew not if this blood was his or his opponents. Though this be certain, his opponent lay fallen in front of him with SoulEdge in hand. Exhausted he slowly reached for SoulEdge, but his hands gathered only thin air.  Weak from the blood of battle in his eyes Li Long spoke the name of his dearest love. "Chi...e, Chie!" Slow were Chie's eyes to open. Only a miracle from the heavens gave her a chance to survive a fatal wound to the back. Good fortune was on their side as a traveling monk saved Hachibei & Chie. One long month had passed since Li Long left in search of Chie. So long was it that she knew he failed. His journey could only have ended in death. Her eyes were filled with tears. One half year later, Chie learned she would bear the child of Li Long. Saddened by her loneliness she cried, "Oh dearest, please watch over our child".

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