Liberation Maiden - Has someone play this yet?

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There is no demo in the eShop for it. I'm a grasshopper fan, however I kinda hate shooters on rails. Is this on rails? shoot them up? or what... Do you find the gameplay fun?

Thanks in advance.

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It's not on rails - you fly Shoko around with the circle pad (plus L for strafing - toggle or hold option). You then drag the stylus around to move a targetting reticule on the top screen. When you raise the stylus from the pad you fire homing shots at your locked targets. Closest example I can think of for the shooting - the Panzer Dragoon games.

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I've put a few hours into it and I'm loving it so far! The controls are the toughest thing to get used to as I'm used to the Kid Icarus controls (which this game reminded me of) and it's ever so slightly different. Overall, I'm really impressed and the "achievements" that you can earn to unlock stuff in the gallery is an added bonus.

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