koopa_kid12's Link's Crossbow Training (Wii Zapper Bundle) (Wii) review

Links Crossbow training

Links Crossbow training is obviously a Zelda game, but not your average one however, it looks like Links ditched his Master Sword and grabbed a crossbow instead!

In Links Crossbow training you go around quite a few levels in an attempt to get a good score so you can move on to the next level, and once you have completed it go back to get a platinum award!!!(It could go higher but i don't know as that's the highest i've got) And yes it sounds a bit bnoring but trust me it's not, the highscore system makes it an extremely addictive game, and if your quite competitive like me you will always be up to beat your annoying brother in the multi-player mode!

Links Crossbow training acts almost like a first person shooter game, most of the time your in a fixed position where you either have to stay still and shoot targets or enemys, or your able to turn around and shoot enemys in a rotation, also on almost every segment of the level there will be a section where you control link and wander around the certain area from Twilight Princess destroying all the enemys in the time limit and fining special items to boost your score, these sections are easily the most enjoyable.

Links Crossbow training is set in the Twilight Princess world, and in each level your in a certain area of Twilight Princess shooting targets or enemys, and on two occasions bosses that actully feature in Twilight Princess itself, unfortunatley however, these are not Gannondorf or Zant, but they are fantastic and intuitive anyway.

The one thing i have'nt said yet though and one of the most important things is that Links Crossbow training comes free with the Wii Zapper!!!

The Wii Zapper is fantastic and comfortable too, also it really adds an effect of realism to the game that you won't see in a shooter on any other system.

The bad points however (of which there are few) get a little frustrating is the fact that if your standing up and holding the Zapper it makes your arm get a little ake and you then have to sit down which is quite annoying as now the realism has started to fade, the other problem isn't really a problem because a free game would barely ever have this but a lack of online play is extremely frustrating, it would have been perfect for online, you could either be on co-op and work together to destroy a certain amount of enemys in a time limit, and/or you could have a deathmatch sort of thing where you have to take a certain amount of lives of each other.

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